Vote on Ireland unification may help with Brexit deal

By Shropshire Star | Readers' letters | Published:

Whilst never having been a supporter of Theresa May I have felt that she, as our Prime Minister, should receive our support in dealing with the decision of the British people to exit the European Union.

Theresa May

Unfortunately Mrs. May has made to many wrong decisions. A disastrous election when she chose to try to win it on her own and failed miserably and a dodgy deal to retain power with the totally untrustworthy Democratic Unionist Party which has now come back to haunt her in her talks with Europe. And she was warned!

Given that the Northern Ireland people voted to stay in the EU shouldn’t they now be given the option to vote on the reunification of the island of Ireland and this could possibly resolve the position that Mrs. May now finds herself in with border controls. Personally given the way the World is moving I think it is only a matter of time before Ireland is reunified anyway. Mrs. May should not allow a few Northern Irish politicians to thwart the decisions of millions of British Voters.

The only thing further that I would say is given Mrs. May’s record she should not in any way get involved with a Northern Ireland reunification vote other than giving permission for it to take place. Quickly!

Adrian Williams, Bratton


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