EU is making monkeys out of us, so shame on you PM

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I am of the opinion that this government is making any sacrifice to get Brexit through. Throwing any amount of present and future UK funds at the problem.

How much in divorce fees? First it was 20 billion, then 40 billion, then over time 100 billion. Most of that in deferred payments I guess. Financed by Payday loans. Shifted from today’s economic disaster to today’s children sometime in the future.

We are not leaving the EU. We are simply shackling ourselves to paying for obscure projects in even more obscure countries on into the future past most of our deaths it seems. Someone else’s problem?

We are becoming a slave nation and when I say we I mean the little column of kids on a nature trip passing the front of my house laughing and joking in the sunshine. I hope and pray things work out for them. Mrs May you ought to be ashamed.

Evidently when a group of monkeys is threatened they forget about all their personal disputes and unite until the danger has passed.

Hence the very low level of uproar concerning this ill-conceived project.

Talking of monkeys there is an old joke; where does a seven-foot tall gorilla holding a spiked club sit? Answer anywhere he likes. But the truth of it for us is different. Where do we sit?

Anywhere the monkey wants us to. And just about everyone in the world sees it and is laughing away as they look forward to our billions streaming into their economies.

Page nine of a recent Times. The European medicines agency is bound to relocate by certain terms and conditions activated by section 50.


Twenty three European cities squabbled for the millions this will bring, 582.5 million euro will be paid to move, much of it covering a botched rental contract for its current Canary wharf offices.

It’s not just what we lose it’s what these organisations regulate that matter most. Things like pharmaceuticals and banking can now erect walls favourable to their own new countries’ interests, and its billions and billions of our money that is going.

The monkey with the bat is in the room

Robin Lloyd, Ellesmere


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