Stop this Brexit disaster or we will all be poorer

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The recent Budget tells us we will all be poorer. Despite a large devaluation of the pound our economy will grow slower than Europe’s for years.

We will not be able to balance our books, instead spend billions of pounds to implement Brexit. No spare money for the NHS or schools – no £350 million a week.

Other very worrying news is investment by the automotive Industry in the UK is down by a whopping three quarters this year – that means less jobs. Many major companies are preparing plans to move workers out of the UK.

And horror of horrors, France has now overtaken us as the fifth wealthiest country!

George Osborne was ridiculed when he told the nation that Brexit would make us six per cent worse off. It is now clear he was too optimistic. By 2025 our economy, measured in dollars, will be at least 15 per cent lower.

There is only one small group of people who will benefit from Brexit – our MEPs. Nigel Farage will get a £150,000 pay off and a very generous pension. Surely he and his fellow UKIP MEPs should write to Brussels give up their windfalls and reduce the divorce bill a little? We will wait for that!

We need honest politicians to put their head above the parapet, tell us the truth and put country before party.

We are a parliamentary democracy and the referendum was just a consultative process. Parliament should debate and vote on staying in the EU but this time put the true facts on the table – stop this disaster before any more damage is done.

Bill McClements, Apley


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