Why single me out from 17.4 million?

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I reply to John Harrison of Whixall, his arrogant letter of November 9 and its content, i.e: “I was so vexed with the idea that one Little Englander would be prepared to sacrifice the wealth and prosperity of this country to satisfy some notion of independence”!

You will note the phrase ‘One Little Englander, I don’t mind the label, it is preferable to ‘Continental Lackey’ but wonder why I have been singled out of 17.4 million who voted with me.

Am I entitled to an opinion or is it just you? I do admit that I lack your ability to foretell the future after Brexit, but your prediction of Britain becoming a little island off the coast of Europe with no world influence is exactly what would happen if we stayed in the United States of Europe where, today, as the second highest payer into the EU funds we have zero influence!

You also forecast that 48 per cent of the population will leave the country – I presume that will include you and your obvious lack of any semblance of patriotism.

After 43 years of EU membership it was clear to we leavers that the established rules of political behaviour no longer applied in Britain, that our politicians have adopted the European idea of democracy.

I cannot answer your question regarding ‘cahonas’, I have never heard of the word or found it in any dictionary.

You also quote the BBC news, an institution bought and paid for by Brussels many years ago with grants and loans – you take EU money – you support the EU, as the BBC clearly does and is the reason no-one quotes it anymore.

Bob Wydell, Oswestry


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