Instability, insecurity and tensions are a result of Brexit

When I voted to stay in the EU, I was voting for economic stability, security, international friendship, and the long-term preservation of peace.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

And what have Mr Farrage’s divisive machinations brought us? Instability, insecurity, stress, tensions, and a slow-growing animosity between sections of the community within the United Kingdom and across Europe.

I am tired of hearing the hard-line Brexiteers incessantly repeating like demented parrots ‘The referendum reflected the clear will of the British people’ when in fact only two thirds of the population of the country voted and even then it was almost a 50-50 split – hardly an overwhelming majority if you ask me.

I think more accurately that it represented the people’s confusion; bamboozled by the Remainers with their over-complicated arguments and duped by the Leavers with their one-issue immigration smokescreen and their hollow, meaningless Trump-like ‘give-us-our-country-back’ slogans.

Now that more and more facts and undesirable consequences are surfacing, the Brexiteers are becoming more extreme and belligerent, floundering about in every direction like headless chickens, blaming each other and everybody else for the escalating chaos and browbeating anyone who tries to look at the unfolding situation logically.

The only thing in which they are united is their determination to deny the public any opportunity for second thoughts, no matter what new pitfalls and potential disasters become apparent.

Their wonderful pie-in-the-sky predictions of vast new trading opportunities with the United States has already been shown for what it is by Trump’s intention to introduce a 300% tariff against the British and Northern Ireland products of the Bombardier Company, already resulting in large scale redundancies.

If you listen to “Farming Today” at 6.00am daily on Radio 4, or numerous representatives of manufacturing you cannot escape drawing the conclusion that the majority opinion in agriculture and industry is that separation from the E.U. is potentially disastrous for the Economy and the well being of our People in general.

The Government has said that the first thing which must be done on leaving is to transpose all EU Legislation into English Law! What then is the logic in leaving??

The Farragists cleverly diverted the public’s attention away from the awareness that 80% of EU legislation passed by our ELECTED Euro MPS has been to protect the rights and well-being of working people, food safety, anti-pollution, working conditions, employment protection, and to curb the excesses of multinational companies and large organisations. (Whatever compensation is due to the victims of the Ryanair fiasco is as a result of EU legislation)

Jeremy Corbyn has disgracefully let the working people down by ordering the Labour MPs to support Theresa May and her hard-line associates in submitting the letter of withdrawal and castigating those courageous Labour MPs who did not comply with his instructions. He should have been leading the fight to remain united!

Leaving the EU and following Boris Johnson’s stated aim of a ‘deregulated society’ will open the doors to more zero-hours contracts, unrestricted rent rises, more job insecurity, erosion of workers’ rights and more money in fewer pockets. We all know what happened when Margaret Thatcher deregulated the banks.

In the lead up to the referendum, Nigel Farrage said “If we lose this referendum, then we shall campaign for another!” but now that the boot is on the other foot it’s a different story.

Anyone who looks at new facts as they come to light is accused of being “undemocratic” just as any American who protested against the Vietnam War was accused of being “unpatriotic”

Those of us who campaigned for unity should continue our campaign on the premise that we may have lost a battle but have not lost the war.

Unfortunately we have no figurehead to whom we can rally.

Only the Liberal Democrats have had the courage to stand up and say ‘If we get power we shall stay in the European Union’.

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