Evolutionists take note: God has a plan and it’s being fulfilled

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Ron Collins tells us that DNA proves evolution. He ridicules believers in God and says that since DNA is imperfect God could not have designed it.

If Ron walked through the desert and found a clock, would he assume that it had made itself by chance? Evolution is as stupid as that.

Every form of life is more complex than a clock. To believe that it all happened by chance is sillier than words can express. If evolution were true we would see an infinite graduation of life between all species. We don’t. We see thousands of species all breeding after their kinds. The missing links should be almost infinite.

Where have they gone? We don’t even dig them up. Only two have been found and both were hoaxes. And both took in the scientists and the world until they were found out.

The planet-sized hole into which the missing links have conveniently vanished was of concern to Darwin and Huxley. Ron and evolutionists gloss over it. They don’t tell you the problems at school when they say we came from monkeys and monkeys came from jelly. And everyone swallows the daftness of it all without blinking. Why? Because if God made us, we are responsible to Him, His laws and His word.

In this word He tells us that people ‘did not like to retain God in their knowledge’ so they have invented alternatives.

In the world is abundant evidence of design which brings us to the designer.

God has a plan.

This is being fulfilled and eventually the world will be at peace and all life will be in harmony.

Peter Keen, Oswestry


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