Our life-sustaining water is undervalued

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Countryfile has revealed that many of our healthy streams are no longer flowing at all, some for several years.

They have also found that even a few of our rivers have remained dry for far too long, while others hardly flow. Some reservoirs are depleted too.

The reasons are complex, including overuse and poor rains at the right time of year, as well as less snow. Yes, there are more homes and businesses to serve.

This seems to be an idiotic situation, when many places suffer floods. We have a National Grid for electricity, we require a competent equivalent for water.

This precious, life-sustainability liquid is undervalued. The grid will only work if it is serving everywhere, if it is backed-up by new reservoirs, especially in flood zones and areas of high rain.

More water may have to be taken from existing underground natural sources but this must be done as part of a balanced supply. They are not replenished to often.

More than that, We humans must be more thoughtful in our use of it. Water shortages are no fun, we all need to start now. Heaven help us, no more baths in houses, only showers.

There is expertise in existence already, we just need the willpower to do what has to be done and embrace the changes, which are good for all living things.

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