Appointing new director is display of political madness

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The newest political madness was on display in the Shropshire Star of August 28.

Julia Goldsworthy

The West Midlands Combined Authority is to hire a director of strategy.

Surely the strategy is simple – pool resources, save money, be more efficient and get more jobs into the area. The expertise to accomplish this is under the authority’s nose for no extra cost, their own public sector workforce.

As for the new director Ms Goldsworthy being quoted as saying, “There are exciting opportunities ahead for the West Midlands,” maybe she should have also added, and extremely exciting opportunities ahead for my bank account via great wads of steaming cash.

Bet she will not be in the post in two years’ time. Come on public sector, pull your finger out and, by the way, you do not need to hire an expert consultant on finger pulling out.

The newest international madness is not to my surprise from Donald Trump, but from Angela Merkel. She has recently said that she feels the longer she is in power the better she gets at the job.

Alarm bells, men in white coats, straight jacket, and padded cell come to mind. Dear Germany, take note form the following names – Tony Blair, Margaret Thatcher – and come to think of it didn’t you have a bloke who stayed in power too long with a moustache and a stiff right arm? Too much time away from the real world is bad for politicians. Too many people opening doors for them, getting cars for them, paying for everything for them.

Maybe politicians should only be in power for a maximum of five years and be made to take a gap week every month where they have to do everything for themselves.

So beware voters for this political madness even at parish council level, and watch out Germany, especially Herr Brush, Herr Lacquer and Herr Restorer.

Peter Steggles, Longnor


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