Students are hoodwinked

By Shropshire Star | Readers' letters | Published:

Student fees have become a politically poisoned chalice when it comes to trying to use them as a vote-raiser.

Nick Clegg burnt his fingers on trying to entice the student vote with a contract of deceit, and now we see Jeremy Corbyn has done a U-turn on his promises.

I must admit I find it all rather bewildering considering students rarely ever pay back the loan and the debt although forbidding isn’t debt at all, it’s not on your credit rating.

No bailiff will be calling, and many will fly the nest and emigrate abroad so I don’t really see why politicians try to hoodwink the students with false promises Mickey Mouse contracts and dodgy sums.

The rich haven’t got a problem as most of them won’t have any debt and their education will be tax deductible.

So give the kids a break, stop promising them what you can’t deliver and just hope that perhaps when they finish their studies they don’t end up in Poundland on a zero hours contract.

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