Attacks on Trump ‘constant’ as he tries to deliver on promises

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What is it about the left wing media, spearheaded by the BBC, that fuels their obsession with President Trump?

Theresa May and Donald Trump

Personally I have never known such concerns about any other American president in my life. It was almost a relief when the president’s new media spokesman totally wiped the floor with the BBC’s left wing Newsnight reporter in Washington DC.

Obama was not the paragon the BBC and her staff would have us believe and he did not achieve one iota of the stuff he promised after eight years of presidency and yet Trump is constantly attacked over every little setback that is thrown at him by the “elite” of Washington and especially the Democrat-supporting media after just six months in power.

Obama did some strange things during his last few weeks in office and I am sure that he knew that Clinton, due to her failings, would not win and it would be left to Trump to reverse what he had done knowing of the furore that it would raise in the left wing media. One case in point is the transgender business with the American Forces that was only brought in by Obama less than a year ago. Trump promised to reverse this decision based on senior military and public advice and he has done so. We might not agree with him but that is his right as President of the strongest country on Earth.

Trump is in power because the people of America elected him and before passing judgement and attacking him we should allow him the time to kick America back into shape and carry out the promises he made to the American people during his election campaign. Some of us are quick to attack our own politicians when they forget their promises so why criticise someone who attempts, despite opposition, to fulfil his.

In truth it doesn’t matter what we think or do but instead of constantly attacking the President our “elite” should be striving to benefit from the quite obvious friendship that he holds out to us, the people of the UK. Better to have him close either as a friend or an enemy but personally I prefer a friend.

In conclusion will someone tell me what is wrong with a man offering his hand to a lady traversing steps? Someone other than the tattooed left wing harridans of the PC brigade who always appear to have the time to demonstrate whatever time of day. It makes you wonder when, or if, they work.

Adrian Williams, Bratton


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