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I read with interest David Burton’s latest letter and it is obvious that he a very devoted Christian and puts forward his views quite strongly. But no-one chooses where they are born and had he been born into a Muslim, Buddhist or family of any other religion I am sure he would be championing that cause with the same enthusiasm.

Please don’t take offence it is only the way I see it. There seems to be something inherent in man’s make up that always makes him want to convert others to his way of thinking and the belief he is right.

It has been responsible throughout the ages, and still is, for all the fighting that goes on in this world. A song from South Pacific summed it up it went something like: “You have to be taught to love and hate. You have to be carefully taught.”

A Catholic scholar once said: “Give me a child till he is seven and I will give you a Catholic for life.”

Very few of us think outside of the box but continue through life on the same path as the one we started on.

Terry Hillier, Four Crosses

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