EU remains marketplace where bankers can make quick buck

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Reference July 8, Shropshire Star, the usual letters from people who still want us to remain in the EU, regardless of the biggest victory in electoral history voting to leave.

The EU is not a country or a nation state, rather it is only a market place set up so investment bankers can make a quick buck.

The facts that have eluded the Remainers are Black Monday, when George Soros sold the pound because he did not like our fiscal position going into the ERM.

How many people were stuck in negative equity as house prices fell, and the mortgages these people had to pay were valued much higher than the houses they bought to live in? Small banks in Greece were again bankrupted by the same financial elites and there was no money to keep infrastructure going and paying peoples’ wages.

Greece had to go cap in hand to the ECB. The ECB is what all nation states contribute to, to pay their membership of this financial club. Again, this was set up by financial elites.

As for the national minimum wage, that was just a sweetener to convince the hordes of left wingers that the EU had working people and their rights at the top of the agenda.

Austerity started in Greece and Italy and spread quickly across the EU. Austerity is far from a Cameron or a British policy. As I have mentioned, it all started in the EU.

There is already a conspiracy to get rid of Mrs May and Mr Soros has already stated that she will not last that long, and it won’t be long before we want to go back into the EU. What I would like to ask these people, who are hell bent on getting us back into the EU, is this – is our democracy important and the will of the majority?

Or would you rather have mob rule financed by some of the richest people in the world, using the Far Left and anarchist groups to get their way?

Mark Norwood, Whittington


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