Difficult times are ahead but Brexit must be carried out

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At last something has taken Donald Trump off the menu!

Let us get this quite clear, no party has won the latest election and for that I am sure that there are many reasons.

We are told that Corbyn had a wonderful campaign fooling the young people into thinking that by electing him suddenly a money tree would appear and they would never have to work and pay for anything. Labour MPs who last week were telling us that Corbyn was unelectable have very quickly abandoned their deeply held principles and are now rallying to try to consolidate a position for themselves in his favour.

Allow me to remind them that he lost as badly as Gordon Brown when he was forced to retire. Let me further remind your readers that Corbyn is a man who has faced many questions over his links to the IRA and still considers Hamas as his friends. In my opinion he is despicable.

Personally I have never had a great deal of confidence in Theresa May and it now comes out that the reason she was so slow in coming to any decision on matters was because of her utter dependence on two advisers who are now looking for a job. I think that she has proved that she also is not fit for purpose.

Voters have been too quick to desert Ulip thinking that having won the referendum everything would now move forward. How wrong they were! I knew that the Remainers were not going to be beaten that easily and Theresa May in her naivety, with bad advice, has played straight into their hands so that they are already trying to form alliances to work together to stop what the people of Great Britain decided back in 2016.

In an attempt to win popularity Labour, against their own wishes, backed leaving the EU but rest assured they can reverse that decision as quickly as they have changed their stance on their now wonderful leader. If Theresa May had really wanted to leave the EU she would have triggered Article 50 immediately after coming to power when Cameron chickened out. She had the numbers and we could have been half way down the line towards the exit by now. She will soon pay the price for that mistake and we are still paying £50 million per day for the privilege of membership.

Everyone makes mistakes and Ukip made theirs when they elected Paul Nuttall to lead them. Nigel Farage is saying now that he is considering a return to frontline politics and it can’t come too soon because he is the only politician who answers questions. We are now in a position with Brexit that requires the most strong of people and in my opinion Farage is one of them. Why do you think that the main political parties are scared witless by him?

Difficult times ahead so readers stay alert if you want your wishes to be carried out.

Adrian Williams, Bratton

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