Young voters – and MPs – do not know what they’re doing

By Shropshire Star | Readers' letters | Published:

Serious questions must be asked after Britain’s nonsensical election results.

Has our system been hacked? If the Americans can have their system hacked, so can we. Who benefits from the result – certainly no-one in Britain but you can guarantee that they will be rolling in the aisles in Brussels.

If Brexit does survive it will be ten times more difficult to get us a decent deal. Did the rebel MPs and ‘paid-for peers’ stage manage Theresa May’s downfall? It has been their stated intent since the ‘Leave’ vote triumphed and their ‘pot of EU gold’ set to disappear!

The national press report a widespread ignorance of Corbyn. Why did so many people vote for a Marxist troublemaker who prefers the IRA to British troops, who invited IRA convicts to speak in the House of Commons just two weeks after the IRA tried to blow up Margaret Thatcher and who would have certainly cancelled Brexit if he had won?

Why did so many vote for him knowing that it would mean being ruled by the twin dictatorship of Germany and France forever, that our daily EU bill of £50 million pounds every single day would certainly rise or that we would be subsidising 18 of the 28 EU member countries forever?

We are told 1.1 million have joined the electorate since 2016 and have influenced the result to a great extent, what is very clear is that the young do not have the experience to consider the consequences of their actions, nor, it seems, do our MPs!

Bob Wydell, Oswestry


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