Hooray! Mr Hunt is back

By Shropshire Star | Readers' letters | Published:

Glory be! Thanks to the strong and stable leadership of Theresa May, despite her current difficulties, she has been able to re-appoint Jeremy Hunt as to the post of Health Secretary.

Jeremy Hunt

So, no more whingeing from nurses just because their real wages reduce year on year; no more moaning from junior doctors, striking in defence of safety standards in hospitals; and no more complaints from student nurses, just because the bursary system is being replaced by student loans, thus ensuring that they start their professional careers steeped in debt, like all other students.

Full steam ahead for Mr Hunt (surely his knighthood can’t be too far off now) in his important task of softening up the NHS for sale to the American health insurance companies. Crippling deficits, departmental closures, growing waiting lists, crises in one or other part of the NHS day after day, are all part of the agonising demise of the UK’s greatest social achievement.

We’ll miss it when it’s gone.

David Askins, Lightmoor


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