Cure is needed for chaos over medical appointments

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At 8.30 am Wednesday morning, dial Wellington Medical Practice. Ringing out first time. Oh what joy, various announcements during next five minutes, drops out.

Wellington Medical Practice. Picture: Google Maps

Dial again busy, busy again and again for next 10 minutes. Finally joy again ringing out, various announcements, drop out again after five minutes. Ring again. Busy, busy, busy.

Get wife in car down to Malling Centre. See a doctor within 10 minutes.

Small problem the throbbing wrist my wife has that is bringing tears to her eyes. She needs an X-ray which has to be requested by our own doctor. Inspiration, call at Wellington Medical Practice on way home see if a personal visit helps .

See a receptionist, very helpful, looks at her list. Yes a doctor will ring you sometime tomorrow .

The people running the practice systems in Telford need to look again at the decision to close the Malling Centre.

Whatever Wellington Medical Practice says it cannot cope. It cannot even cope with the telephone calls .When you get to see someone they are good but that is not good enough. I have been with Wellington Doctors for over 78 years and this is the worst I have known it.

Get off your backsides decision makers try yourselves to ring Wellington practice in a morning.

All the rubbish about the state of the Malling Centre is just propaganda to justify closing. I have looked over the place and it is good for at least another few years without much expense. Leave it until Wellington can once again offer a service of a better standard to its patients. Perhaps other people will take up the case let officialdom know patients are not happy with their stupid decision.

D L Barnett



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