Politicians cloaking the truth so much I don’t know who’s lying

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The media is constantly talking about fake news. The vast majority of the general public wonder if they can believe anything that the politicians are saying in the run-up to a general election.

Donald Trump

This is not a great surprise in that many of these same politicians prior to the Brexit referendum were either making rash promises or projecting fear and neither of them came to pass.

Many of us would like more objective facts, but so often these days, even when we are given them, there is so much scepticism that we immediately question the speaker’s motives.

It is no wonder that after every political programme viewers are more and more confused. Many politicians have become so economical with the truth that we cannot discern who is telling the truth and who is telling lies!

If this were not bad enough, we also have to contend with reporters portraying very slanted accounts of the real facts.

Have you noticed how so many report Donald Trump’s failures (and I appreciate that there have been quite a few!) but rarely tell us about his successes?

Given that the media is so powerful in shaping public opinion, how many of us know the real truth? Sadly, some now wonder if he or many other political leaders genuinely care about objective truth at all.

So how are we to react to these dilemmas? The greatest person to walk this earth, said: ‘I am the truth.’

He never resorted to distorting the truth in order to get a following. I believe that God is angry with wicked people who suppress the truth. Generally, it is never good to cover up the truth with lies. Many regard it a sign of weakness to tell the truth but I believe it takes real courage to be a truth-telling person. So let us be truthful ourselves and support those who tell the truth no matter what political shade they stand for.

Roy Whittall, Oswestry

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