Why aren’t we protecting the lives of our unborn babies?

When my daughter was a little girl of five years, she one day asked me, “Where was I before I was in your tummy?”

Rather taken aback I tried to explain that she hadn’t yet come together to start to grow. “Well I must have been somewhere”. She could not get her head around the fact that she was a nobody who didn’t exist. In the end after much thought she answered her own question. “I know where I was, I must have been in God’s head”.

God speaking to Jeremiah in chapter one of the Bible said to him, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you”. In that wonderful Psalm 139 David recognises that God knew all about him before He was formed, and knit together in his mother’s womb. We can see that even little children like my daughter can grasp that God’s mind is already at work before conception had taken place and He was thinking about her as a person.

So although we pretend that we are a Christian nation, God is left out of the equation by so many when it comes to the creation of human beings, helped along by our present liberal laws on abortion. Everyone is important to God including the unborn child. Recently I saw that the British Medical Association had drawn up a discussion paper to have abortion totally decriminalised from the 24th week limit apart for medical reasons handicap which now can take place up to birth. If this comes about this will then give the abortionists and any woman who wants it completely free rein.

Since the act came in 1969 just under nine million babies have been aborted for all sorts of reasons.

How is it that instead of cherishing our most vulnerable little ones who should be allowed to grow safely in their mother’s womb; they are either sucked out, or killed, then dismembered and pulled out piece by piece with forceps, and disposed of. The act of abortion is barbaric.

How can we all stand by as a nation, hold up our heads and say we are not guilty to have allowed this to happen?

But in God there is always time for true repentance and forgiveness through Christ’s death which Christians have just celebrated. Let us ask for His mercy and discover His love, forgiveness and presence to fill our lives.

Gillian Richards, Oswestry

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