Letter: Child labour is slavery and it's time we tackled this problem

I am a pupil at Morda Primary School. We have been learning about the problem of child labour. I feel very strongly about this issue.

Child labour is detrimental and always will be. I think child labour is a disgraceful thing because children are too young (13-17 years) to work as hard as they do. They are abused and they are kept in cramped places.

Firstly, innocent children are often very unwell and the cramped, tight places they are kept in can affect their health. It causes damage to the spine, can weaken and cause their delicate lungs to fill to top with lint and wool and affect their breathing. Struggling young people fight off death because if they slow down, they will be beaten. Would you like that?

Although in England school isn't always appreciated by kids, but in India it's a whole different story. To the new generation who are in child labour sometimes they don't ever get the chance to get a glimpse of the outside world! Rugmark donates money to kids in child labour for them to go to school and have a future. Education means freedom, empowerment and choice. Are you thankful for your education?

Furthermore, the problem of slavery. Thankfully today there's not much of it. The only remaining kind is, unfortunately, child labour. Children are really important to the world, each one of them. However, what you may not know is that in some parts of the world child labour factories are working, but hidden.

Just imagine you're chained to your loom, shared with 14 other workers and you are beaten and abused and you don't know where you are. All you know is that you have to work in a dark, dusty, cramped place to pay off your parents' or carers' debt. How would you feel?

All in all it's not about what everyone else is doing it's about what we are going to do?

Buy child labour free rugs; if you can, donate money to Rugmark for the children so they may go to school; support Rugmark and help to destroy child labour.

I think child labour is a disgraceful invention. Destroy all child labour!

Ellena Collison, 10 years old


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