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Peter Rhodes on turbulence, taxation and the departure of a Green legend

Many thanks for your responses to my tale about my tussle with the taxman (I think I owe him £1,000, he says he owes me £6,000, etc).

Caroline Lucas – fiery?

I'm not sure I agree with the chap who reckons my problem could be the start of another Post Office Horizon-style scandal. But if he's right then full marks to the other reader who suggests it may make a great series and asks: “Who will play Mr Rhodes in the TV Drama?” I wonder what George Clooney is up to these days? Or Wallace & Gromit?

The sole Green Party Member of Parliament, Caroline Lucas, stood down before the election, prompting one Guardian reader to comment: “I understand why she feels burned out after 14 years as an MP.” Burned out? Does that count towards her carbon footprint?