Cathy Dobbs: Prankster shows the law is a soft touch

Some people will always behave badly if they repeatedly discover they can get away with it.

Online prankster Mizzy
Online prankster Mizzy

We are seeing a lot of this in the news at the moment. There’s 'Mizzy' who became an internet sensation after stealing dogs, walking into people’s homes, jumping into strangers’ cars and ripping up library books. He filmed everything and the more views he got on sites such as TikTok the more money he made.

He’s now been fined a few hundred quid, just a small dent in his online earnings. After his fine he said: “UK laws are weak, simple as.”

Now figures have been released showing that the West Midlands is the car theft capital of the UK. It looks like there are very few disadvantages to committing crimes thanks to our soft-touch legal system.

So, what’s next? Cuddle a Criminal Day sponsored by West Midlands Police?


At Buckingham Palace it seems King Charles is turning down the heating in the pool, leaving staff shivering when they go for a swim. The cool pool has been put down to the King’s eco-conscious leanings but we all know the truth - it’s just the typical behaviour of a dad.

In homes across the country no one is allowed to touch the thermostat except dad. And woe betide the person who does tamper with the temperature - just prepare yourself for the harsh intake of breath if he discovers it’s moved above 18 degrees.


We could all learn from Juliet Casciano, the 80-year-old from Kent who has found out she can no longer play tennis at her local sports centre because she only works in cash. She can’t adhere to their online booking rules because she doesn’t use the internet.

Juliet said: “I am not very rich, and I love living within my means, and with cash I can do that. When my cash is gone, I know I cannot spend any more.”

Let’s get Juliet out to high schools teaching children how to live within their means. We would have a generation that doesn’t blow all their overdraft on tattoos and spray tans, and then wonder why their card is declined in Aldi.


It’s time to start a 'Bring Back Flakes to Birmingham' campaign after the latest batches are putting our 99s in danger.

Ice cream vendors have complained that they really are the most crumbliest, flakiest milk chocolate in the world - so much so that they’ve disintegrated before you’ve even had the chance to stick them in a soft whip.

It seems moving production to Egypt has led to a reduction in quality and the chocolate was better when produced in Bournville.

C’mon Mondelez, stop thinking about your profits and make sure our seaside favourite is back to its Brummy best this summer.

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