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Cathy Dobbs: Counting the cost of PPE sell-offs

The cost of Covid just keeps on coming. Three years ago, FFP3 face masks were selling for around £5 each but now our Government is selling 360,000 of these masks for just £250.


At a recent auction there were several lots that didn’t sell, or only made a small amount. Such as the 72,000 aprons that were unwanted and the 18,000 full-body coveralls that sold for £520. At least they are being sold, it seems billions of other PPE items are being hauled from warehouses across the UK and destroyed.

It’s like the Government has money to burn – the problem is, it’s our money.


The menopause brings with it thinning hair, dry skin and sleep problems. But at least it’s not going to cost women so much. From April 1 there will be a new prescription prepayment certificate, which will give women a year’s worth of menopause prescription items for less than £20. It’s nice not to add ‘empty purse’ to the list of menopause afflictions.


A debate in Parliament heard Labour MP Anthony Young say that the BBC could replace Gary Lineker with a woman for “half the price”.

Of course it caused uproar, because it just simply isn’t true. Half the price would be way too much! You see, half Gary’s wage of £1.35m a year would be £675,000 and that’s more than any other BBC presenter gets, except Zoe Ball. The highest earners after Zoe Ball’s £980,000 a year salary are Alan Shearer and Steve Wright on £450,000.

Even Fiona Bruce, who seems to be everywhere, doesn’t have anywhere near half Gary Lineker’s salary as she earns around £410,000.

This has been the case for a while at the BBC, which may push the equality agenda on us at every opportunity but can’t seem to get its own house in order.


Try doing a search on Google to find out how many genders there are. While one website says there are three – male, female and non-binary – others say there are 10, or maybe 58 and another says the gender possibilities are infinite.

It’s all a bit barmy, so it’s not surprising to see Harry and Meghan have decided to get involved. They are backing a campaign group called Global Boyhood Initiative, which highlights horrific crimes taking place in families across the UK, such as giving an unborn baby a gender from a hospital scan.

The wokerati aren’t content with destroying women’s safety, they now have to attack masculinity. I don’t get it – if they want chaos and mayhem just go to France.