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Cathy Dobbs: Where is Harry's sense of duty?

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Harry and Meghan

The circus that Harry and Meghan are creating is becoming too painful to watch. It’s like a video going viral of someone hurling rocks at his brother, who is tied down and gagged. Harry knows that he can say anything he wants, within reason, and the royals will never publicly speak up against him.

This abuse of power is becoming uncomfortable for anyone who can see that whatever pain Harry has felt at losing his mother so publicly, William has felt the same. The invasion of privacy that Harry has suffered isn’t exclusive to him either. But what Harry hasn’t had to deal with is being thrashed in front of everyone by his brother.

William isn’t going to release a tell-all book and he hasn’t got a Netflix deal – instead, he is going to keep his head down and carry on working. Service before self – something Harry and Meghan will never understand.


Those that see toxic Harry and Meghan for what they are, will be pretty certain of one thing. In a few years’ time, when the bitterness and anger has split them up, there will be two books released – ‘The Two Faces of Moany Meg’ and ‘Married to the Ginger Whinger’.


At last there’s some good news for common sense – the Government is finally taking a hard line against loud, anti-social drivers. The latest noise camera systems are being installed as part of a two-month trial at four locations around the country, including Birmingham.

It will spot exhausts noisier than the legal limit and use this as evidence for prosecution, unlike a previous trial which simply sent a warning – proof that being ‘nice’ with these louts doesn’t work. If successful it will be rolled out nationally.

Do I hear the sound of spotty youths across the land quaking in their caps and designer tracksuits? It’s not just parents and pet owners that will be pleased with this news. It seems noise pollution costs the UK up to £10 billion in lost productivity from sleep disturbance and more serious issues such as heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Just one thing - but why couldn’t the Government buy this camera system from a British company instead of going French?


On the subject of noise pollution, a recent walk to the shops felt like being an extra in an action movie. As if being narrowly sucked off the pavement by a 44-tonne lorry wasn’t enough, it then slammed over a loose manhole cover making all my fellow pedestrians jump out of their skins.

It was almost loud enough to grab the attention of the nearby pneumatic drill operator noisily working on yet another new housing estate. It makes me wonder if supermarket delivery vans are becoming a frequent sight because some residents are too scared to venture outside.