Star comment: Public can lead by example in these difficult times

We should not be fooled by a small fall in inflation. It is good news economically but does little to help us.

It simply means that prices are still going up fast – it is just that the acceleration has eased a little. It is a step in the right direction, but no more than that.

The UK economy is stuttering and performing worse than other advanced economies in the G7.

It is taking us longer to return to what seem like the good old days, pre-Covid, while others make more rapid progress.

There are numerous reasons for our shortfall, not least the effects of Covid. The huge surge in energy prices caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine has an impact, as does the colossal fall in trade caused by Brexit.

Our politicians promised us they would take advantage of new opportunities but have so far failed to do so, or shown how they might.

Then there are the issues surrounding low productivity, which have dogged the economy for years, while the disastrous and failed experiments of Liz Truss were also hugely expensive.

There are steps we can take, however, and today we publish advice on simple ways to save money when people are at the shops.

There are very simple ways to make a difference and it is up to us as consumers to empower ourselves by making choices that suit. With Christmas coming, many families will be feeling the pinch more than ever. The answer, however hard it may be, is to lower expectations, set a budget and stick to it.

It is what the Government ought to have done. Perhaps we, the general public, can lead by example.


Many people will pull a face when it is revealed that When Harry Met Sally has been added to a prestigious list of important films through time.

But it, like many movies that have come and gone over the years, are a snapshot of society.

Films are important. They reflect how the world is. And that is why they are studied as a serious academic subject at universities across the globe.

New entries to the National Film Registry range from the 1989 rom com to 1898 footage of the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans. They also include the likes of Carrie and Iron Man.

Film-making is valuable. Like journalism, it is a record of life that future generations can study and learn from.

Films entertain, they inform and they can make a difference.

We can only hope that the tradition of long-form cinematic story-telling can continue in our new Netflix age.

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