Shropshire Star comment: Maybe we could try a general election

So it started off (again) as a blank piece of paper with yet another exciting plan intended.

This time, in the long list of ‘maybe we could try this’ in which we have all had a role, everyone had an opportunity to act like grown-ups.

And what was the appealing idea that was scribbled on the otherwise empty sheet of notepaper this week?

Let’s have a general election. Let’s have it on December 12. Let’s commandeer canteens, church and village halls, and any other like place where those who run these curious events can gather our votes.

Marching to the tune of Angels from the Realms of Glory (a Shirley favourite), the haunting lyrics of other Christmas carols and then the glorious upside-down world of the panto.

In fact, everyone could be made to go voting in costume, so we create our own very peculiar festive traditions across the land.

Oh I can see it now. We could each get a Christmas cracker if we hand our vote back properly and respectfully and without any rude messages – and of course an assurance that we won’t frighten fellow pollsters by pulling the crackers around the polling station.

In fact, we could use them as a celebration or commiseration once the results come in. No end to the possibilities, don’t you think?

In the real world, it’s much more likely that even as I was selling this very catchy idea, it falls at the first fence – somebody will have voted it out. Ah well, a blank piece of paper always comes in useful, doesn’t it? Which is more than you can say about some politicians!

Hmmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it. There are some very unhappy people about because they were given loans in the first place from the failing QuickQuid which they couldn’t afford to repay.

Now, here is a radical thought: didn’t anybody suggest that maybe the loans were unsuitable because the borrowers were already in debt so not able to pay back the loan plus interest.

Perhaps they should have been advised in the first instance that modest loans and reasonable pay backs would be more desirable than a payday lender with colossal interest rates? Or am I just too simple minded by far!

As investigations continue into the horror story of the 39 bodies locked into a freezing trailer of death, it is unrealistic not to expect folk to talk about it, and to imagine how appalling and unthinkable these events might be.

And when we have our own moans – as we do – and complaints to deal with, remember the absolute terror those people must all have suffered and the dreadful agony of loved ones left behind. There truly are people much, much worse off than we, and while no-one knows what the future really holds for any of us, cherish the lives each of us has and never forget the worst stories of suffering.

Not much hope for persuading your own children that Halloween and its crazy costumes are not a good idea, then.

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted choosing the scary outfit touch for George and Charlotte to get in the scary mood. And terrify occupants of the occasional palace?

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