Shropshire Star comment: The door’s over there Mrs May!

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After months of hanging on by her fingernails, Theresa May’s residency in Number 10 finally appears to be drawing to a close.

Theresa May

Although she has fought off numerous demands for her resignation in the past, the Prime Minister’s latest attempt at revamping her EU withdrawal bill appear to be the final straw for many of her MPs.

In some ways it is remarkable that she has managed to take something that was widely unpopular, and make it even worse.

To put it bluntly, her 10-point plan is so appalling that it has even forced some of her biggest allies to jump ship.

When you look at the summary of the bill – frustratingly, the full version will not see the light of day until tomorrow – it is clear that it was never likely to get the support required in the Commons.

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Pledges of votes on a second referendum and a customs union were never going to placate Labour or the Lib Dems, who know full well that both options have already been defeated in the House.

Her efforts to appeal to the DUP with concessions on the Irish backstop also fell flat, with the most MPs left asking: “So what has actually changed?”


It is alarming that Mrs May actually plans to put her bill before the Commons next month, with all evidence pointing to a strong likelihood that she will beat her own record defeat of 230 votes.

Let’s look at the state of play.

The Tories are set to suffer more Brexit-inspired humiliation in today’s European elections.



Mrs May’s MPs have deserted her and Cabinet members know that her time is up.

A very clear message has been sent to the Prime Minister.

To prevent further damage – both to her country and to her party – it is time for her to go.

Holding on for additional weeks in the hope of getting her deal through is an exercise in futility.

It will not be accepted under any circumstances.

In the past her stubbornness has been considered a quality, now it is one of her biggest failings.

Mrs May, your party has spoken.

Now it is time that you listened.

Gavin is someone you want onside

News that Gavin Williamson is backing Boris Johnson should set alarm bells ringing among the other candidates for Tory leadership.

While his stock may have fallen after his sacking as Defence Secretary, Mr Williamson is an MP you want on your team when it comes to bids for power.

Let us not forget, it was he who played kingmaker for Theresa May in 2016.

He used his powers of persuasion to get a significant number of wavering Conservative MPs over to the Prime Minister’s side.

His reward was promotion to the position of Chief Whip, and his successful 16-month spell in that office provided him with inside knowledge that any leadership hopeful would want to get their hands on.

Mr Johnson’s popularity with the public is unquestionable.

And for many Tory members he will be the candidate of choice.

With Mr Williamson fighting his corner in Parliament, he may just prove to be a formidable figure in the race to succeed Mrs May.


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