Shropshire Star comment: Still unclear if Labour is on the ball

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The Labour Party has long been criticised for apparently sending out mixed messages when it comes to its approach to Brexit.

However, since its conference last year the party’s position has not really changed.

The aim of the leadership – as has been repeated on numerous occasions – is to secure a Brexit deal on Labour’s terms, as well as to fight for the general election they believe will result in Jeremy Corbyn gaining the keys to Number 10.

Any kind of policy that involves another public vote on Brexit has always been seen as a last resort.

Labour’s problem is that, as a party, the views of the majority of its MPs clash significantly with those of Mr Corbyn and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell. This is true on a number of issues, but it is most clearly highlighted when our relationship with the EU comes up for debate.

The leadership’s pledge to honour the result of the 2016 referendum seems to carry little weight with scores of MPs, including other frontbenchers.

Shadow Brexit secretary and arch Remainer Sir Keir Starmer believes that without another public vote, up to 150 Labour MPs would vote against any agreement made.

Meanwhile, deputy leader Tom Watson insists that a public vote on whatever deal his party and the Government manage to come up with is the only way of solving parliament’s current deadlock.

Mr Watson may have a point, but he is adopting a risky strategy in supporting a plan seen by many as a clear ploy to keep Britain tied to the EU.


Millions of Labour voters who backed Leave three years ago are becoming increasingly infuriated by their party’s approach towards the issue.

The British public have looked on as Mrs May’s Brexit deal has been rejected by MPs three times. They have seen our departure date delayed, delayed and delayed again.

Aside from a few small protests, the public has largely kept its cool while our politicians have failed to deliver Brexit.

But under the surface, it is just possible that we are about to witness a most British of revolutions.

Those who are determined to block Brexit should not be surprised if retribution is delivered at the ballot box.


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