Shropshire Star comment: Severn Hospice has done us proud

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We can all take pride in the remarkable achievements of Severn Hospice.

The team at Severn Hospice celebrated their 10th anniversary in July

It has scooped a prestigious award, beating numerous others in a competitive environment.

The hospice’s shops have been named the best around – no mean feat when our high streets, towns and villages are packed with outlets fund-raising for charity.

Severn Hospice is ahead of the pack in no small part because of its exceptional volunteers.

They are responsible for sorting through donations, creating attractive window displays, encouraging people to step inside and providing first class customer service.

The public at large gets in on the act too, of course, by offering goods that have plenty of life left in them and can be sold to others for a fair price.

And lest we forget the administrative and fundraising staff at Severn Hospice.

They have a difficult task to raise the funds required to keep the hospice open all year round.

Providing exceptional care for those with an incurable illness is a passion that brings out the best in them.


Managing numerous outlets staffed by unpaid workers is a challenging occupation but they do it with flair and panache, making sure the money keeps rolling into the charity’s coffers.

Perhaps the greatest offshoot of the award is that it will raise further awareness of the hospice’s activities.

The unit exists to support families and offers first class palliative care, the opportunity for people who are poorly to enjoy a better quality of life and psychological counselling for those struggling to come to terms with their predicament.

Hospices were once viewed darkly, as places where people went to die. In fact, the reverse is true.


They are places filled with light where people go to live – albeit for a shortened time.

They offer activities, health care and emotional support that we can be proud of as a society.

Strategic thinking is required to keep the show on the road and the hospice’s shops are a key part of its fund-raising initiatives.

They also provide a visible presence so that hospices are not forgotten about by those who have no direct connection with them.

Many who have cause to attend hospices are forever touched by the warmth and sensitivity of staff.

They are gracious to a fault and show high levels of empathy and skill.

So we should be proud of Severn Hospice for being the best of the bunch.


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