Shropshire Star comment: Hillfort is a source of inspiration

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The range, quality and diversity at an ancient hillfort in Oswestry is a joy to behold.

Oswestry Hillfort

A new survey has shown there are more than 500 different species and we can but marvel at the vast range of plants and creatures at home there.

Nature cannot take all of the credit for the richness that exists. The volunteers and experts who help to manage the area should also be proud of their achievements in creating a unique beauty spot that provides the perfect habitat for so many species.

Such things do not happen by chance and those who ensure the area is not polluted, developed or bespoiled deserve our congratulations.

There are many creatures who make a home in the bio-diverse area and highlights abound, with rare bats, butterflies and more being of particular interest. A landscape programme will only improve matters and help to preserve the area for future generations.

It is not just those who tend Oswestry’s Iron Age Hillfort who are doing impressive work. At the Cuan Wildlife Rescue Centre, experts help to nurse injured animals back from the brink before releasing them into the wild. The latest success story involves a red kite that was found concussed on a road and had been concussed.

After being carefully nurtured back to health, wildlife workers were able to release it back into the wild. They were also able to take the view that an increasing number of the raptors would gradually make their way into the county as conditions are proving increasingly conducive.

But for all of the successes that local experts and volunteers have enjoyed, we must not rest on our laurels. There is still much work to do as we make Shropshire and Mid Wales an area that is the perfect haven for wildlife.

We have learned a great deal in recent times and those who are the custodians of the countryside, including farmers, nature centre managers and more, need our support.

It is a time-consuming and expensive business to make sure the land is able to provide a safe home for so many species. Clearly, great strides are being made in Oswestry and other parts of the region and we should provide moral and practical support to those who do good work.


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