The brilliantly pedantic pub quiz controversies which cannot be forgotten

Pedantry or just correctness? You decide.

Pub Quiz
Pub Quiz

The humble pub quiz is at the heart of a Twitter megathread about pedantry and controversies.

Quizmasters come in for more than a bit of stick as quizzers retell the times when they were right and those asking the questions were wrong, just wrong.

Or were they?

Here are 20 quizzers trying to have the last word.

1. The geography question which covered fundamentals.

World Travel GIF by Topshelf Records - Find & Share on GIPHY

2. Extra points for spelling it correctly.

3. Crowned monarchs, the subtlety is in the question.

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4. Country v Continent.

5. Celebrated phenomenal pedantry.

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6. Latin v Greek.

7. Even on University Challenge.

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8. Please leave.

9. Bring in an expert witness.

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10. Unnecessary debate.

11. Revenge is a dish best served as a pub quiz team name.

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12. Usain Bolt’s prowess knows no bounds, apparently.

13. Excellent (taps fingers together).

Good The Simpsons GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

14. Bat = Bird, no?

15. Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink.

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16. Time, it seems, is not a healer.

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17. And settling a debate used to be a lot harder than reaching for a smartphone.

18. Really smart people try their hand at pub quizzes

Graduation GIF by Melissa Hooper - Find & Share on GIPHY

19. Wording is everything

20. And now, on to sport.

World Cup Smh GIF by Twitter - Find & Share on GIPHY

Find more delightful woes from the pub quiz see the thread, started by David Whitley.

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