Watch a suspected meteor light up the Michigan sky

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Some residents said their homes shook when the event happened.

Cameras caught the bright light of a suspected meteor just after 8pm on Tuesday (Collin Bulkley/PA)

A suspected meteor that appeared in the sky above Detroit, Michigan, has been captured by CCTV cameras and dash-cams.

Residents of the metropolitan Detroit area reported seeing a bright light and what sounded like thunder at around 8.08pm on Tuesday.

The National Weather Service have not confirmed that it was a meteor and say they are still trying to work out what caused the “rare occurrence”.

A camera on someone’s front door only captured the sky-filling light.

If it was a meteor, despite the bright light and reports of people’s houses shaking, it wasn’t actually dangerous.

A meteor is just a small piece of rock that comes close enough to the Earth to enter its atmosphere. In doing so, it vaporises which appears as a dash of light, known as a shooting star.

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