10 geniuses who brought Halloween pumpkins kicking and screaming into the 21st century

Whether they depict horrors, heroes or footballing banter, these are jack-o-lanterns for the modern age.

Two quality pumpkins (Graham Reid/@GrahamOfLegend and Ruthie Edwards)
Two quality pumpkins (Graham Reid/@GrahamOfLegend and Ruthie Edwards)

Pumpkin carving is a tradition which dates back centuries, but these jack-o-lanterns bring the autumnal fruit into the 21st century.

From pumpkins which emulate the finest memes on Twitter to one which can actually tweet – here are 10 of the best modern pumpkins created this year.

1. The Pumputer

The Pumputer
(Ruthie Edwards)

The Pumputer has a Raspberry Pi 3B inside and a 7 inch LCD screen, a USB battery and PumpkinOS – a fake operating system designed by Ruthie which lets her actually browse the Internet.

“The whole thing cost about $80 (£60.54), making it not only the coolest Jack-o-Lantern on earth, but a practical and beautiful personal computer,” Ruthie told the Press Association. “Except for the whole rotting thing.”

An astounding effort.

2. The Trumpkin

Donald Trump’s distinct features have become a pumpkin mainstay ever since the 2016 election in the US.

Expect to keep seeing these for some years to come…

3. The battery percentage

Battery percentage pumpkin

“I was trying to think of ideas scary or funny and saw my phone was dying,” fordr015 said. “I went with the design of an older low battery symbol so more people could relate.”

Lit up battery percentage pumpkin

4. The Wenger Out squash

It just wouldn’t be the age of the internet if Arsenal fans didn’t try to use an annual celebration to have a dig at their manager.

Arsene Wenger has seen the words “Wenger Out” on the internet, banners and even flying behind planes – and look now he can enjoy it on the cultivar of a squash plant.

5. The terrifying statistical truth

Experimental Psychologist John Mohl here has tapped into something which will send shivers down spines across the world.

In statistics when two variables are found to correlate, often people will assume that one causes the other – but this is an incorrect and sometimes dangerous assumption to make.

A pumpkin with a life lesson for the modern age.

6. The pumpkin vino dispenser

Inspired. What better excuse to get a little merry on Halloween than to make a drinking apparatus in the spirit of the day?

Insert wine, open up the tap and enjoy.

7. The Roll Safe jack-o-lantern

Is there a better modern pumpkin design than a meme? Creator Graham Reid doesn’t think so.

“Memes work so well as a pumpkin design because they’re generally recognisable by a large audience, and if they’re not, they introduce the viewer to a part of culture they weren’t already familiar with,” he said. “Also, I think this particular one was one of the best this year.”

Identity GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

8. The First Of All fruit

Jamie Dawson opted for another internet craze – choosing the recently-popularised “first of all” meme.

The meme sees a tweeter say something before responding with, in the words of Know Your Meme, a humorous rebuttal.

And yes, a pumpkin is a fruit. Google it – right after you finish this article…

9. The Rick and Mortykin

The Rick and Morty pumpkins
The Rick and Morty pumpkins lit up

Ingenuity Rick and Morty would be proud of.

Rick And Morty GIFs - Find & Share on GIPHY

British smoothie makers Innocent clearly know their audience – and their rising house prices.

A pumpkin most youngsters looking to take that first step on the property ladder would shudder at in the UK.

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