Jail terms for gang members who trafficked and exploited women

The court heard that the gang ran at least five brothels.

Met Police arrest
Met Police arrest

A human trafficking gang have been jailed for trafficking and exploiting hundreds of women across London.

Husband and wife team Sebastian Zimoch, 48, and Anna Zimoch, 46, along with Gregaor Borowka, 44, Michael Lozinski, 52, and Rafal Lacki, 41, were convicted at Isleworth Crown Court in March of this year of conspiracy to arrange or facilitate human trafficking and conspiracy to control prostitution for gain between January 1 2015 and February 9 of last year.

Lozinski alone was also convicted of a second count of controlling prostitution for gain between January 1 2017 and February 9 of last year, in relation to a massage parlour business called Massage Bunnies.

The trafficking gang was run by Sebastian Zimoch, with his wife running it during a period when he was absent.

Sebastian Zimoch (Met Police/PA)
Sebastian Zimoch (Met Police/PA)

The husband began the business, known as Golden Kiss, in 2015.

The court heard that the gang ran at least five brothels, with locations in Acton, Ealing, Paddington, White City, and Dudden Hill.

Brothels in Paddington and Dudden Hill were run directly by the Zimochs, while Lozinski ran White City.

The other locations were run by the three of them at different times.

Anna Zimoch (Met Police/PA)
Anna Zimoch (Met Police/PA)

Gareth Munday, prosecuting, told the court that the women had no autonomy while inside the brothels.

“While the girls were in the brothels they had no choice over what they wanted to do.

“Men were being brought to them and they had to get on with it.

“They had absolutely no autonomy.”

Mr Munday said that £232,000 in unexplained earnings had been found in a bank account belonging to Mr Zimoch.

Gregaor Borowka (Met Police/PA)
Gregaor Borowka (Met Police/PA)

Lacki and Borowka were two of the main drivers for the business, ferrying girls to outcalls around London. Borowka also doubled as a receptionist.

The prosecutor told the court that women were exposed to the risk of serious physical and psychological harm on these outcalls.

“The women were all exposed to risk of serious psychological and physical harm.

“They were left at the mercy of men who could have done anything to these women.”

The court heard from the victim impact statement of one 19-year-old woman who reported the gang to the police.

Met Police raid
Met Police carried out raids (Met Police/PA)

Mr Munday paused to wipe away tears as he read the statement to the court.

In the statement, the woman told of the emotional toll of what had been done to her.

“I have been spat at in the face by a client, made to feel stupid, and like I did not matter.”

She said that she cries when she remembers what has happened to her.

“I cry when I think about everything that has been done to me,” she said.

The woman added that she now struggles to trust men.

“When someone is being nice to me, especially men, I always think why are they being nice?”

Rafal Lacki (Met Police/PA)
Rafal Lacki (Met Police/PA)

In her sentencing remarks, Judge Fiona Barrie paid tribute to the 19-year-old victim.

“She has shown herself to be a very brave young woman,” she said.

She said the 19-year-old was in tears when she was picked up by Lozinski after fleeing from an abusive pimp.

“It should have been to obvious to anyone that she was extremely vulnerable,” she said.

“To the contrary she was put to work straight away, sent out to outcalls for the remainder of the night.”

Michal Lozinski (Met Police/PA)
Michal Lozinski (Met Police/PA)

Acting Detective Inspector Esther Richardson, from central specialist crime, said: “I am pleased we have been able to uncover the true scale of this illegal operation.

“My team worked tirelessly to identify and safeguard hundreds of other women across London who were being exploited by this organised criminal group.”

Sebastian Zimoch of Carlton Road, Romford, was jailed for eight years.

Lozinski, of Berwick Avenue, Hayes, was jailed for seven years.

Borowka, of Yeading Avenue, Harrow, was jailed for three years and nine months.

Lacki, 41, of Felmongers, Harlow was jailed for 18 months.

However, he was released on licence as he had already served nine months by the time of the sentencing.

Anna Zimoch, of Carlton Road, Romford was given a two-year jail sentence suspended for two years, and was ordered to do 150 hours of unpaid work.

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