Scroungers? Royals are right on the money

By Shirley Tart | Editor's Picks | Published:

There was bound to be a backlash. Other people’s happiness always triggers nastiness and so it is even with joyful occasions like weddings. Make that a royal wedding and wow!

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Stand back and wait for the bile.

It is not any one group of people who feel free to damn a couple in the public eye, either. And thanks to our great democracy which I would defend to the last, anyone can say more or less anything they want to at such times and the very most that happens is that someone verbally strikes back.

Last week showed perfectly that Prince Harry and his bride-to-be need have little to worry about when it comes to reaction to their planned springtime wedding. Most people in this land and across the Atlantic of course, celebrate the good news with them.

Souvenir mugs commemorating Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

So what do we think about the Bishop who ‘declined to comment’ when asked if he would like to congratulate the couple and whose record includes a nasty spat when William and Catherine married, calling them shallow celebrities? The same cleric added fuel to the flames by labelling the Royal family as philanderers. Remember that? No, nor did I. I had to check it out again.

That’s the sort of effect such mean mindedness has on most of us. At the time you think how unpleasant, then forget whoever is delivering it.

So it is with that particular Bishop. Entitled to his opinion? Yes. Entitled to expect public endorsement for it? No.


And for every one of him, there are many thousands who would still choose our Royal Family over a Republican regime. Which is not to suggest that all Republicans are somehow flawed, of course they are not. But if such a move let in the rabid and the bigots to replace the royals, how long do they think that would last?

As an answer to those who see the likes of Prince Harry as philanderers and scroungers, I would once again refer them to the good this young man is doing in highlighting some of the desperate need in the land, help with mental health issues, help with injured and damaged military personnel back from the ravages of war and not coping, help with just getting through life.

And Harry himself was less than happy when during a tour of Afghanistan as a soldier, his cover was blown and he was ordered back from any likely frontline.

That was as much for protection for his colleagues as for himself.


Then there is the not so little matter of money. They are bleeding us dry, goes the cry from the fanatics.

Really? At 62p for each of us? That is the current official figure for every person in the United Kingdom.

Add to that, the millions brought in to the nation from visitors both at home and from the great all-round tourism industry and you are looking at mega money.

Already, financial experts are predicting that this Royal marriage will boost the UK economy by at least £500 million and is also likely to help the economies in the USA and Canada where Meghan Markle has been a well-respected actress. And since Americans already love anything to do with our Royal Family, the links for the future are looking very good indeed.

Add up hotel bookings, souvenirs, merchandise and the fashion industry – which Meghan wears so well – then think of the potential for business deals across the western world and it doesn’t seem too daft then, does it?

For most of us, this love match is far and above anything just to do with money and costs.

But since one Republican argument is that our Royals bleed the economy dry, that is patently untrue, they do no nothing of the kind. And their value in so many ways, their history down so many years, their appeal to millions across the world, are all incalculable.

Far from being tagged with the outrageous title of spongers or accused of bleeding the economy and so on, our Royal Family is truly one of our greatest assets.

And in the New Year, the vast majority of people will enjoy the wedding ceremonials for two immeasurably happy people who, with Prince William and his wife Catherine, are set to support our remarkable Queen and help play their part in our country’s future.

Jolly good luck to them all!

Shirley Tart

By Shirley Tart
Associate Editor (Shropshire Magazine) and Senior Writer


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