Roadworks and diversions to cause 'summer of misery' for residents along rural road

Residents living near a busy country road in south Shropshire say they are facing weeks of roadworks and diversions as the council continues its roads maintenance programme.

Residents living along the B4368 are unhappy about the roadworks and the road being used as a diversion
Residents living along the B4368 are unhappy about the roadworks and the road being used as a diversion

Those who use the B4368 which connects Craven Arms to Bridgnorth say they are facing a double whammy of disruption of roadworks and the route itself being used as a diversion.

Shropshire Council's interactive road map shows a range of road closures coming into force at various times throughout June and July.

It also sets out when the road is being used as a diversion when other routes are closed.

Greg Hassall, speaking for the residents said they were exasperated.

"It has caused a great deal of anger and frustration," he said.

The B4368 is a busy road connecting major towns across Shropshire, busier still given the number of alternative routes that are also closed. All this traffic is being directed down narrow, single track country back roads."

"The diversion routes are dangerous and overcrowded."

Mr Hassall said that the B4368 is more than just a local country road.

"It is a lifeline for the rural community. Residents are putting off hospital appointments, taking children out of school, missing out on social events and work commitments all because they are either too afraid to use the diversion route or have been unable to access to their homes and businesses when road closures are in place. This is despite being told that access to homes and businesses will be allowed."

Residents have taken to social media to talk about the roadworks and the road also being used as a diversion road itself because of roadworks on nearby routes.

"The level of disruption these works are causing and the anger and frustration felt by local residents who rely wholly on the B4368 is enormous.

"We have already put up with total road closures for simple rolling pot hole repairs, and road markings left missing for up to two years following previous works and now we are looking at a whole summer of disruption."

Shropshire Council said: "A variety of work is being carried out in the area by the Shropshire Highways alliance on behalf of Shropshire Council as part of our continued efforts to improve the county’s roads and make them safer for all road users.

"Some of the work is to repair potholes, and some is part of our countywide annual surface dressing programme, which plays a crucial role in prolonging the life of a road and helping to prevent potholes and other defects forming in the future.

"Undertaking these much needed works in a combined pre-planned programme is the most cost-effective approach and provides much better value for money

"Doing this work along long sections of road is difficult owing to the limited number of suitable diversion routes available, but every effort is made to coordinate all works and minimise disruption, with access provided to residents, and businesses and routes through for blue light traffic.

"Diversion routes and their signage are agreed according to best practice with the aim of providing direction for through traffic on the most suitable route."

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