Shropshire village speed sign helps slow down cars

The installation of a vehicle-activated sign in a Shropshire village has seen a reduction in the number of cars breaking the speed limit.

Alberbury Parish Council installed the sign close to the village hall in a bid to curb speeding through along the main road.

In recent weeks, the data has been analysed and figures show there has a been a slight decrease in the number of speeding motorists - down from 41.6 per cent in August to 40.4 per cent now.

The road, which has a 40mph speed limit, is popular with motorists making their way east from Wales.

Councillor Ed Potter, who represents Alberbury on Shropshire Council said he was pleased with the results, which were a positive step in changing drivers' behaviour but that more needed to adhere to the limit.

The average speed of vehicles is down from 38.6mph to 36.8mph although one motorist was clocked driving at 95mph.

Councillor Potter said: "The speeds are slowly coming down and it is a bit of a campaign for me to get something sorted out for the village. The figures will help with that.

"It is pleasing that the traffic is slowing down and the sign has been in place for 12 months, so we are seeing some good results. It is all about changing behaviour for most people, the sign works as a reminder."

He added that the police had also been in the area with mobile speed cameras, which had helped to make people aware of the speeds they were travelling at through the village.

"It is good that the parish council is doing something that has a positive affect on drivers and people using the road," he said.

The figures showed that in the past nine weeks, there had been a fall in the number of cars using the road to 10,123 a week. Best speed observance is between 8am and 10am and the worst speeds noted have been on a Saturday.

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