'We could have been killed': Telford mum tells of crash terror on notorious road which hurt her child and baby

By Nick Humphreys | Wellington | Transport | Published:

"If I hadn't swerved out of the way, we'd have all been killed."

Jocelyn Owen-Evans from Rushbury Road, Wellington, pictured with Tabitha, aged five, and seven-month-old Magdalene

Those were the words of mum-of-two Jocelyn Owen-Evans, who was in a horror smash with her young children and dogs on one of Shropshire's most notoriously dangerous roads.

Jocelyn, 26, was singing along to Christmas songs with Tabitha, five, and seven-month-old Magdalene with dogs Toby and Mr Grey in the back on their way home along the B5062 at Crudgington, near Newport on November 28, without a care in the world.

But their joy turned to terror in the blink of an eye when Jocelyn saw two sets of headlights rushing towards her.

"I was on my way back home and I was driving at about 40mph. I had the kids and the dogs in the car so I was being extra careful," said Jocelyn, of Rushbury Road, Wellington.

"There's a little sharp bend which I went round, then I saw there were four headlights coming at me and thought, 'what's going on?'

"I just had to swerve the car out of the way and that was it. We were in the bush and the airbags went off."

As the realisation of what just happened dawned on Jocelyn, she tried to scramble her family to safety.

"I was thinking, what if the car goes up?" she added.


"I was trying to get the door open but they hit my door so I couldn't get it open. A lady from one of the other cars came and got it open.

"I just got the kids and the dogs and got away from the car."

Thankfully, everyone made it out alive, but not without their war wounds.



Jocelyn said: "Tabitha cut her eye and had to have it glued. Magdalene was all right but three days later a load of bruises showed up on her arm.

"My nose was cut from the airbag. My chest is purple from bruising. I've got a seatbelt mark across my stomach and my scar from my c-section seven months ago opened up, so the doctors had to do work on that.

"I was put on a stretcher in the ambulance because I had pins and needles down my left side, which can be a sign of an injury to your spine.

"I've hardly slept since it happened. The impact from when the car hit us keeps going through my head.

"My five-year-old has really struggled. She's been very emotional."

The road has been notorious for bad crashes over the years. A woman was killed in a crash on August 5 last year near Tibberton after the car she was in lost control and flipped over into a nearby field. And in 2017 a man died after losing control of his motorbike between Roden and High Ercall.

Jocelyn believes measures could be taken to improve the road, but also urged people to be more careful.

She said: "I drive that road three or four times a day. People do overtake dangerously. It was pitch black when it happened and there are bends in the road."

Thankfully Jocelyn and family can now put the ordeal behind them and enjoy Christmas together.

She added: "The people that stopped to help I couldn't be more thankful to."

Nick Humphreys

By Nick Humphreys
Senior Reporter

Senior reporter for the Shropshire Star focusing on Shrewsbury.

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