Dual the A5 campaign: Oswestry Orthopaedic Hospital backs our fight

Patients and staff at Oswestry's internationally recognised orthopaedic hospital have to cope with travelling on a road not able to cope with the volume of traffic using it.

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in Shropshire cared for more than 130,000 patients from across the regional last year with the majority travelling by road and having to use the A5 either through Shropshire or on the north Wales border.

Hospital bosses have given their support to the Shropshire Star's Dual It campaign to see the road become a dual carriage way from Montford Bridge to the Welsh border.

The Star has launched a petition calling on roads minister, John Hayes, to include the A5 in the Government's Road Investment Strategy.

Mark Brandreth, chief executive of The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, said: “We would certainly support this campaign. Dualling the A5 would have clear benefits for many of our patients, visitors and staff who use that road every day and face delays in getting to our site.

“Last year alone, we gave care to more than 116,000 outpatients and more than 15,000 inpatients.

Mark Brandreth backs the Shropshire Star Dual It campaign

"A large number of these patients use the A5 to get here, along with many of our 1,500 members of staff. They face regular frustration from hold-ups caused by a road not able to cope with the volume of traffic using it.

“Improvements in the road network will help us ensure more people are seen on time."

He said dualling the A5 would also help the thousands of visitors to travel to see their family members and friends.

"It would also make easier the transfer of patients to other healthcare settings," he said.

The A5 in Shropshire

“It is encouraging to see some real momentum coming behind this campaign and we wish it well.”

By last night the Shropshire Star's online petition had reached more than 2,700 signatures, with 25 paper signatures. That is impressive but we need many more if we are to be able to present it to the roads minister.

Mr Hayes visited Shropshire in March and he himself urged local people to put forward their views on the state of the A5 and A483.

What you’ve been saying

"This would cut congestion massively and will also reduce the number of accidents with people using it as a racetrack overtaking into on coming traffic. This should have been done long ago."

Scott Gaffney, Wrexham

"The road should have originally been designed as dual carriageway as Oswestry is between two dual carriageways so ends up with traffic slowing right down and bottlenecking by Oswestry, which then causes driver frustration and results in overtaking in daft places."

John Gittins, Bwlch-y-cibau

"We travel this road daily and it is a total nightmare making us late for our customers! It’s affecting our farriery business! Please make the changes required."

Wendy Harries

"The road is no longer fit for purpose, too many accidents. How many people have to die before they do something?"

Elaine Jones

"It is a dangerous route, way too busy and motorists are risking their lives and others to overtake lorries and other slow moving vehicles. By the British Ironwork Centre is a death trap."

Nicola Morris

"Travel this road regularly, very dangerous. Amount drivers from the small roads wanting to enter is mind boggling."

Roger Jones

"This road is out of date and must be improved before more lives are lost. Idiot drivers don’t help."

Marcus Sayce

"I am backwards and forwards to orthopaedic hospital, it’s about time something is done."

Sheila Lewis

"I worry every day with the increase in commuter traffic and lack of space on the road."

Norma Buck

"Such a vital artery should clearly be a dual carriageway."

Mark Watson

"Come on ministers make our roads safer."

Amanda Evans

"The single-carriageway sections are completely inadequate for the volume of traffic. There are numerous accidents and unnecessary deaths. Certain junctions are completely unsafe including the Shottaton crossroads. Having the capacity to add a roundabout like at Nesscliffe would allievate risk. The present widened single carriageway sections near Montford Bridge and Oswestry Mile End encourage dangerous overtaking in both directions. Alterations to the road are long overdue."

Sarah Ward

"Worst road in Britain."

Paul Edwards


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