‘Smart’ lampposts in Singapore to trial facial recognition technology

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The country is to test sensors and AI in lampposts.

(Steve Parsons/PA)

Singapore is planning to trial facial recognition cameras on more than 90,000 lampposts in the island state as a way to monitor “crowd analytics” and support anti-terror operations.

The country is already working on technology to make its lampposts “smart” by filling them with a range of sensors to monitor light, weather conditions and noise pollution levels – as well as able to connect with autonomous vehicles when they arrive on its roads.

Singapore’s official agency in charge of the platform, GovTech, told Australia’s ABC that it would trial facial recognition software in the lamppost cameras that could be used in follow-up investigations after a terror incident.

(Dave Thompson/PA)
Facial recognition technology is already used at some airports (Dave Thompson/PA)

GovTech said it hopes to begin its pilot project next year, and is calling for companies keen on working with the agency around the technology to register their interest by next month.

The project says the range of sensors on the smart lampposts will have its data analysed using artificial intelligence, which could then be used to help improve public safety – as well as make footpaths safer for pedestrians through crowd analysis.

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