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Bishop of Shrewsbury pays tribute to 'wholehearted' and 'selfless service' of the Queen

Queen Elizabeth II has shown to the world how a Christian vocation can be lived fully in public life, the Bishop of Shrewsbury said today.

Bishop Mark Davies

In a homily preached on Sunday, the Rt Rev. Mark Davies noted that the Queen embraced her calling to reign as monarch with 'an unequivocal sense of Christian vocation', which was apparent from the moment of her Coronation.

Her Majesty’s 70-year reign has since been marked by “whole-hearted” and “selfless” service, said Bishop Davies during Mass in Shrewsbury Cathedral.

Bishop Davies said: “The Queen makes no secret that it is her Christian faith which has enabled her to respond to the myriad demands of her life across seven decades.

"A life marked by a daily rhythm of prayer and Sunday worship that has been the continuous thread through all the changes and upheavals of her reign.

"Indeed, in the modern era it is impossible to imagine how such life-long service could be lived without such a sense of Christian calling.

"Today, we acknowledge that we have been blessed to live during the reign of the second Queen Elizabeth and to have always known such an example of Christian service at the heart of our national life.”

Bishop Davies quoted the meditation of Cardinal St John Henry Newman, who in October 2019 became England’s newest saint.

The Bishop reminded people who had assembled to hear him speak, that all Christians shared the same vocation of selfless service which has been exemplified by the Queen.