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Flag flying at half-mast high above Shropshire symbolises county's royal tribute

A Union Flag fluttering at half-mast on a lonely peak seems to symbolise south Shropshire's tributes following the death of the Queen.

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The flag at half mast at The Lawley

Her Majesty's death has been accompanied by an almost unanimous outpouring of tributes from young children to pensioners.

And not only in Edinburgh, Belfast and London but also in the rural areas of south Shropshire.

The Corbett family, who own the Lawley, have a flag pole on top of the prominent Shropshire Hills landmark.

Tiff Corbett said: "My husband Edward's father Tim owns the Lawley and Edward took this picture on Friday. We flew a Union Flag for the Jubilee so we thought we would do this as a mark of respect for the Queen's passing.

"A lot of people have commented on it. It is very poignant and also all about this green and pleasant land and being in England, and saying thank you to Her Majesty."