Appeal over 'crass' Shrewsbury conservatory pending amid criticism

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A developer who faces having to tear down his "carbuncle" rooftop conservatory is fighting the order by appealing to the planning inspectorate.

Cory Irvine-Wright was refused retrospective planning permission for a conservatory, described as a 'sun room', on the top of Chester House in Shrewsbury town centre, in May.

The extension, which had been built without permission, was branded a "disgrace" and a "carbuncle" by councillors who threw the application out at a committee meeting.

Following the refusal Shropshire Council issued an enforcement notice which would require Mr Irvine-Wright to remove the glass-sided conservatory, which is next door to Chronicle House and Sweet dessert shop in Chester Street.

The view from the railway station car park

However that does not appear to be the end of the saga after the Planning Inspectorate – a national organisation which can overturn local planning decisions – received an appeal against the decision.

The inspectorate said an appeal had been lodged against both the refusal of planning permission and Shropshire Council's subsequent enforcement notice.

At the time retrospective planning permission was sought for the sunroom, Shrewsbury Civic Society registered its objections.

The society said: "We can appreciate that for the building’s users the so called “sun-room” on the top would be a nice facility affording good views.


The view from the Dana path near Shrewsbury Castle

"However, it is not attractive from the many other local buildings and even from the street level of a number of surrounding roads."

The conservatory can be seen rising above Chronicle house and The Station Hotel from the railway station, the Dana path above and further away on Smithfield Road.

Shrewsbury Town Council also called for the proposal to be refused.


It said: "The council objects to this planning application on the grounds that it is not in-keeping with the surrounding properties in the Conservation Area.

The conservatory can be seen in the distance on Smithfield Road

"Members feel that the proposals are out of proportion to the listed buildings in the vicinity, creating a dominant feature that would detract from the existing skyline.

"Members feel that the plans do not enhance one of the major gateways in the town centre."

Speaking at the committee where the application for the sunroom was rejected several members criticised the plans.

Councillor Kevin Pardy said: “This carbuncle, as Prince Charles could call it, has completely ruined the skyline.

“It is crass and with total disregard for the people of Shrewsbury.”

Councillor Pam Moseley added: “It is a jarring feature on the skyline and will ruin the view for many from many parts of the town.

“It has a negative impact on Chronicle House, a negative impact on the Albion and needs to be removed.”

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