Lib Dem North Shropshire by-election candidate on second jobs and key priorities

Ahead of the North Shropshire by-election on December 16, the Shropshire Star has approached all candidates with a series of questions.

Liberal Democrat candidate in the North Shropshire by-election, Helen Morgan
Liberal Democrat candidate in the North Shropshire by-election, Helen Morgan

We have asked the candidates the same set of questions on topics including second jobs, priorities and national issues.

This time, it is the turn of Liberal Democrat candidate Helen Morgan to answer the questions and tell you what her plans are for North Shropshire.

Will you take any second jobs if you are elected as MP for North Shropshire, and do you believe MPs should be prevented from taking second jobs/consultancy roles?

I won’t take a second job. If elected to be our local MP that job would be my first and only priority. Our area needs real time and effort to deal with issues around health, farming and transport.

MPs shouldn’t be able to mark their own homework on such important issues like standards.

That's why we’re calling for the independent standards committee to take a lead.

What is the biggest national issue you see affecting the constituency in the coming years?

Our crumbling NHS. If our health services come under any more pressure they’ll reach breaking point.

If the Government continues to mismanage the NHS, we will see longer and longer waiting times for ambulances and GPs.

These waiting times are already having heartbreaking consequences. This Government needs to stop taking North Shropshire for granted and fund its NHS.

What would you like to achieve in your tenure as MP for North Shropshire?

I would like to end the years of our area being taken for granted. The Government has assumed they can do nothing for North Shropshire and still rely on their vote.

I will ensure that we are put back on the map and respected by the Government.

I want to make sure our NHS is supported; public transport improved; our farmers are not undercut by poor trade deals.

What do you see as the strengths of the constituency?

Our resilient communities are the bedrock of our constituency, I see this first hand in Harmer Hill as a Parish Councillor.

Just last week during Storm Arwen we saw the strength our communities have.

I was out reporting issues to the council and spoke to some of the most resilient residents we have here, they were checking up on their neighbours, doing their bit to clean up after the storm, and look after those left without power.

What are the biggest problems facing the constituency and what would you say needs to be done to address them?

In North Shropshire our local health services have been completely neglected, our local farmers have been let down and our public transport system is just not fit for purpose.

Countless times in this campaign I have heard horror stories about a resident whose ambulance didn’t turn up on time, about a pensioner who couldn’t get a GP appointment, or an A&E service at breaking point.

It cannot go on this way, years of our local health services being taken for granted has led to this horrific situation.

Our farmers have been let down by this Government, they need a local voice that will fight their corner and back British farmers.

If elected I would fight for current payments to be maintained until the new system is in place, be a strong voice for one of the key pillars of our community, and ensure they are not undercut by Government trade deals.

People across North Shropshire are stranded if they don’t have a car, because of our patchy, underfunded public transport system.

As the next MP, I would work with the council, to improve our public transport system and connect people who have been isolated.

Why do you want to be MP for North Shropshire?

Like everyone, I’m proud to live here in North Shropshire.

I live in Harmer Hill with my husband and son, my family live close by and I love it here.

Both my husband and I work for local businesses, I’m currently the financial controller for a local family business.

I have a real track record of campaigning for a better deal for North Shropshire.

I’ve stood to be a parish councillor in my area and fought for safety on rural roads.

When the pandemic hit I helped set up a Covid response group to make sure people in my village got the support they needed.

The main reason I want to be an MP for our area is because North Shropshire deserves a better deal.

For decades our area has been taken for granted locally and nationally by the Government and the Council.

I want to be an MP who listens to local residents and fights to improve the issues that are important here.

People on the doorstep are telling me every day now that they think, enough is enough, the Conservatives have taken our area for granted for too long and we need a local champion to fight our corner.

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