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'Tory's Duracell Bunny is running out of power' – General election comment by Andy Richardson

When Grant Shapps admits the game is up, it’s time to pack your bags.


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The Tory Party’s very own Duracell Bunny is now trying to frighten people into voting Tory, warning of a Labour super majority, claiming he’s only being realistic in echoing what the polls tell us.

Rishi Sunak’s gamble on a summer election has already failed – long before a single vote has been cast.

Rishi Sunak's election gamble looks to have failed

His plan to bridge the massive gap between Labour and the Tories has led to an even bigger gap. The deficit has grown wider.

Rishi’s political naivety has dogged his campaign – from announcing an election in the pouring rain to posing under an Exit sign, from deserting the D-Day international events to doing press conferences at a site linked to the Titanic. Rishi’s has been the campaign that started badly and progressively got worse.

Even the Tory press has grown tired of his party’s spin, as Conservatives have tried to discredit Labour with claims surrounding tax.

Fraser Nelson, the editor of the Spectator, has criticised the Conservatives, accusing them of believing they have a “licence to lie” in election campaigns. And that from a true blue. When the Tories tell you they’re telling lies and are going to lose, the game is well and truly over.

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