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New council tax pledge by Telford council leader after two-year freeze

The leader of Telford & Wrekin Council has pledged to keep council tax the lowest in the Midlands for the next four years.


Labour has an increased majority in the borough council after winning 38 of the 54 seats available at this month’s local elections.

At the council’s annual general meeting Councillor Shaun Davies was re-elected as leader for the next four years.

Councillor Davies was first elected as council leader in 2016 and is set to remain in the post until 2027.

As part of his leader’s report Councillor Davies pledged to keep council tax the lowest in the West Midlands during his four-year term.

“The cost of living crisis is the number one issue that we have has residents of Telford & Wrekin so having the lowest council tax in the region for the last six years is something that residents have appreciated,” said Councillor Davies.

“Once more we’ve been the only council in the country to freeze council tax for the last two years. That’s something that residents can see in terms of savings in their pockets, but also a symbolic gesture from the council that we’re to help with the cost of living crisis.

“What I pledge today is by the end of this next four-year term our council tax will be the lowest in the West Midlands. That will mean that for the last decade we will have the lowest council tax in the Midlands. That is a phenomenal achievement in my view.”

Earlier this year Telford & Wrekin Council froze council tax for the second consecutive year as part of its budget proposals.

“Our residents save £500 a year compared to the highest bill in the region and £230 a year compared to Shropshire,” added Councillor Davies.

As part of his council leader’s announcements, Councillor Davies highlighted venues like Telford Ice Rink and said that keeping it in council ownership was one of the ways of generating money.

He also highlighted scrapping plans to build a new headquarters for Telford & Wrekin Council which would have cost ‘tens of millions of pounds’.

Instead the council used funds to regenerate Telford Shopping Centre and to create Southwater. He added the Telford Station Quarter – the project to re-shape the area between Telford Town Centre and Telford Railway Station – would create ‘hope, homes, jobs and opportunities’.

“We have to be as efficient as we can and generate other income from where we can,” added Councillor Davies.

“We have to make sure we have investments from elsewhere. What we’ve done over the last 12 years since Labour has been in control of the council is to really make sure that the organisation is as efficient as it can, so residents aren’t paying for the price of inefficiency.”