Anti-Brexit group highlights tactical voting potential for Telford

By Dominic Robertson | Telford | Politics | Published:

A group set up to fight Brexit has listed Telford as one of the seats where tactical voting could have the biggest general election impact.

Lucy Allan and Shana Roberts, centre, are two of the three candidates standing in Telford

Best for Britain has revealed a list of 36 seats across the country where tactical voting could prevent a Conservative majority – currently the bookmakers' favourite for the election outcome.

Telford is already the most closely contested seat in Shropshire, with Conservative Lucy Allan looking to get re-elected after her 2017 success saw her voted in with a 720 majority over her Labour opponent.

The Telford campaign has been fiercely fought, with both Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visiting the town to press their claims.

Two issues have dominated the campaign – Brexit, and the future of the town's Princess Royal Hospital.

Now Best For Britain, which is encouraging tactical voting against the Conservative Party to keep Britain in the EU, has produced figures that show if 1,485 voters switch, then the Labour Party would take the seat.

It puts it at 23rd in the list of seats where tactical voting could make an impact.

There are already 898 votes secured by the Green Party in 2017 up for grabs, after the party decided not to put a candidate forward.


The seat is being contested by three candidates, Ms Allan for the Conservatives, Katrina Gilman for the Labour Party, and Councillor Shana Roberts for the Liberal Democrats.

The level of support attracted by Councillor Roberts could be key, with the party polling 954 votes in 2017, as their support collapsed across the country.

There has been much discussion over the prospect of tactical voting in the run-up to Thursday's election, mainly centring around organisations aiming to prevent Britain leaving the EU.

But there is always the possibility that suggesting tactical voting in the constituency could backfire, with Telford being one of the areas overwhelmingly in favour of leaving the EU in the referendum – voting 66 per cent in favour of Brexit.

Ms Allan has been unequivocal in her support for Brexit, arguing that a Conservative government would 'get Brexit done'.


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