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'It’s horrific' – the view on Brexit from the streets of Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury shoppers had their say as the Parliamentary deadlock over a no-deal Brexit and early general election continues.


Brian Woodhouse, 81, retired

Brian Woodhouse

“It is a farce. Right from the set up there was no idea how to handle it.

“It has been going on for three years. We want out but that is going to cost a fortune. Nobody knows what is going to happen. They are not bothered about working class people.

“I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Dave Goddard, 60, market trader

Dave Goddard

“It is a mess. The politicians can not do anything.

“They have had three and a half years to sort out Brexit. If I was in a job and it took me that long to do something, I would be sacked.

“Boris Johnson just wants to get the job done but everyone is fed up with what is going on.”

Russ Hunt, 56, record shop owner

Russ Hunt

“Things will only improve if the Tories are removed from government and a government is installed that cares about people.

“Boris Johnson is not covering himself in glory. He lost an important by-election, had an MP cross the floor and then threatened to sack 21 MPs.”

Jenny Harker, 77, supermarket worker

Jenny Harker

“It’s horrific. I can not see how we are going to get out of this situation.

“The politicians were all very surprised with the result of the referendum and they were not prepared.

“I don’t think we need an election but they are going to push for one.

“But we do need to get out of the EU.”

Karen Duffy, 56, artist

Karen Duffy

“I am disgusted with this whole situation and I am ashamed. I lived in France for a long time and had great education and healthcare. I was given opportunities which were not available to my children here.

“There is a strong class divide in Britain and that needs to be addressed.”