It's Brexit time: Boris Johnson backed by Star readers

By Peter Madeley | Politics | Published:

Boris Johnson’s move to suspend Parliament has been backed by the majority of Star readers – with many saying: “Bring on our Brexit.”

The Prime Minister sparked Remainer outrage last week when he announced plans to halt parliamentary business for more than four weeks – a move critics say will allow him to push through a no-deal Brexit.

It led to court cases and a petition of more than a million signatures being launched to block it, while anti-Brexit politicians from across the land were queuing up to reel out the phrase “constitutional outrage”.

More than 3,000 people took part in our poll on the issue, with 54 per cent saying they backed plans to shut out MPs and force a no-deal Brexit, with 46 per cent saying they were against it.

Hundreds of readers took to the newspaper’s website and social media channels to have their say.

WATCH: People in Wolverhampton have their say

Brexit: Wolverhampton reacts to plan to suspend Parliament

Writing on Facebook, Michelle Quinn said: “I voted to leave – and if proroguing parliament is the only way it can be achieved then I back that move 100 per cent.”

Margaret Howell said: “It’s the only way to get this sorted as Parliament will not agree on anything. It has to stop now, it’s gone on long enough. The country voted to come out of the EU, I voted to stay.


“Sadly we lost so get on with it, get us out.”

Laird Stu Davies said simply: “Well done Boris! Get us out!” George Gregg said: “Boris very clever and the Remainers don’t like it.”

Gail Churms, from Sedgley, said: “I definitely agree with Boris. They have been given enough time to sort this out and all they have done is show resistance to everything suggested. He has no choice.”

Mordecai wrote: “We voted OUT. It’s been three years, enough is enough.”


Willenhall Mike said: “At last someone willing to carry out their democratic duties by carrying out the majority vote on leaving the European Union.

“I’m not a Conservative supporter myself, but Boris seems to be one of the few elected representatives to be willing to follow the instructions of the people’s majority.”

Colrob agreed, saying: “This country voted to leave the corrupt EU and we knew the eurocrats in Brussels wouldn’t go down without a fight ... well they have met their match.”

Others were less convinced that the Prime Minister had made the right move.

Maggi Dave said suspending Parliament was “completely irresponsible”, adding: “Johnson can’t get agreement on withdrawal from the EU from parliament so he closes it down to avoid the debate.

“What next? Trump wants a piece of the NHS, parliament doesn’t agree so Johnson shuts down parliament to avoid the debate.

“It’s the actions of a dictator and the quicker he’s gone the better.”

Steven Bailey said: “At the end of the day it’s all about the money. Boris has promised us the world on a plate. But do you believe him?”

On the streets of the region there was significant backing for the Prime Minister.

Darren Howles, a road worker from Dudley, said: “People are kicking off about him suspending Parliament, but it is what it is.

“Finally we might actually get our Brexit.”

Ian Drinkwater, from Wombourne, said: “I think he’s a breath of fresh air and an inspiration. Like me, his glass is always half full, never half empty. It was stagnating with Theresa, now at least something has happened.”

John Thompson, from Codsall, said MPs had already had three years to make a decision. “It’s taken Boris Johnson less than five weeks to finally bring us to a stage where [Brexit] is finally going to happen,” he added.

Colin Draper, from Willenhall, who voted Leave because he wants Britain to be an independent country again, said: “I think we are going to drop out without a deal. It’s what the people voted for. I just think MPs are trying to get around that because most of them don’t want us to leave for financial purposes.”

Peter Madeley

By Peter Madeley

Political Editor for the Express & Star. Responsible for local and national political stories, opinion, comment and analysis.


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