Telford Conservative chairwoman backing Boris Johnson as PM

By Mat Growcott | Telford | Politics | Published:

The chairwoman of Telford's Conservative Association has backed Boris Johnson as the next prime minister, saying the country cannot approach EU negotiations in a defeatist way.

Boris Johnson is supported by Nicola Lowery

Nicola Lowery said it was important the next PM delivers a "collective vision" in parliament, and that Johnson was the man to do it.

"I have made the decision to back Boris Johnson to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and future Prime Minister of our country as Brexit is a unique opportunity, and it needs to be realised with an optimistic and renewed vision of our future and not as we have seen a more defeatist approach to the EU negotiations," she said.

"Whilst Brexit should not be all consuming, we have to deliver Brexit to allow us to begin to forge our place in the world and future relationship with the EU and to importantly resume our focus on the domestic agenda at home.

“It is for this reason that I feel we need a leader that will not contemplate defeat on our commitment to departing the European Union and who will inspire confidence in our country both at home and around the world."


Ms Lowery said Johnson demonstrated the "true qualities of leadership".

“Boris is, I believe the necessary choice for our Prime Minister at this crucial time and moment in history," she said.

"We need an individual that demonstrates the true qualities of leadership who can inspire people through a shared vision to achieve a common goal and restore confidence both in the Government and the Conservative Party to deliver on the pledge we made to deliver on the outcome of the EU referendum.


"I would like to commend both candidates on their campaigns as both have put across very credible proposals on why they feel they should be our next Prime Minister. It has been a very difficult decision for me, but having now attended hustings, observed multiple debates and having carefully considered the choice before me I am confident in my decision.

"Whilst I support many of the proposals and policies put forward by Hunt, we are not seeking an entrepreneur but a leader that will bring our party and country together.

"Boris commands a significant majority in terms of the parliamentary support and it is important that the next PM restores a collective vision and responsibility in this Government and I feel Boris Johnson is best placed to appoint the strongest Cabinet possible to deliver in this monumental task that we face."

Mat Growcott

By Mat Growcott
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