Would YOU pay £40 to dispose of garden waste? Shropshire residents have their say

By Jonny Drury | Politics | Published:

A potential £40 annual charge to have garden waste bins emptied in Shropshire has been met with a mixed response by county residents.

People in Shropshire may have to pay £40 to have their garden waste bins emptied

The idea for the annual garden waste charge was brought up at the latest Shropshire Council meeting and it could see the authority bring in as much as £1.5 million.

Council leader Peter Nutting has said the authority will look into the move next year, however Porthill councillor, Julian Dean, believes it will deter people from gardening.

People in Oswestry responded with mixed views to the suggestion.

Rita Mathias from Treflach

Rita Mathias, from Treflach, near Oswestry, gets rid of her own garden waste, but she believes the £40 charge is too expensive.

She said: “We do our own because we have a compost bin in our garden.

“However the rates do seem high enough. If people have the room they can do it themselves with a compost bin. Although I do think that £40 seems quite a lot for the service.”


Brian Sutton from West Felton

Brian Sutton, from West Felton said he would have no problem in paying the charge.

He said: “We have moved to a new house, and fill the garden waste bin up about every two weeks, but I don’t think I would have a problem with the charge.

“It comes to about £1 a week, so I don’t think I would have a problem.”


Garden waste is currently collected from bins on kerbsides every fortnight, along with recyclable glass, cans, plastic, paper and cardboard.

Peter Vagg from Nesscliffe

Peter Vagg, who lives in Nesscliffe, said the charge would not really affect him, however he said he would not be against paying it.

He added: “I think it would be quite a good thing, I would be happy to pay it, I can’t see a problem.

“It only equates to about 80p a week, so it isn’t going to break the bank.”

Richard Attfield from Morda

Richard Attfield, from Morda, said the charge seemed fair.

He said: “I usually fill the bin up more in the summer time, but I wouldn’t be against the tax. If it worked out about £10 a month then maybe I would be against it, but it comes to about £3 a month so I can’t see a problem.”

However, Bill Kerswell from Church Stretton said he believed people would find ways to avoid the charge.

He said:”People won’t pay the charge, they will refuse, and they will just burn it on fires like they used to because it’s easier. They will also fly tip it as well. It is not something that has not been thought through.”

Online reaction

Hundreds of people have had their say on the proposals via and our Facebook page – with an overwhelming majority being against the idea. Here’s a selection.

Zen: "We are facing a 6% increase, this is very short sighted and thoughtless."

Mike.price.589: "Great way to encourage and increase fly-tipping?"

The truth was out there: "This time next year, the headline will be 'Garden waste being dumped on roadsides, more and more, councils cannot understand the reasons for increase'.”

Pilotclive1968: "Blown away by the sheer stupidity. They want us to recycle but charge for the privilege. Will the charge be added to the already high council tax so we have no choice but to pay? I hope not because I for one will be dumping my green waste on the council office doorstep."

Doubter: "What was the rate of rise in council tax for this year coming – 6%? And then they have the gall to say let’s slap a fee on top for removing garden waste. Your oh so 'low' taxing Tory council."

Contributor: "I don’t use my green bin for garden waste as I have a compost heap, but I do use it for food waste. If this system comes in then my food waste will go in my black bin and I’m sure so will a good many other people’s!"

BritishandProud: "The council really think people will pay this. No they won’t and what a farce!"

Brucealmighty: "This additional charge would only create more issues of people dumping waste through the Shropshire countryside, it’s uncontrollable as it is."

Roger: "I don’t think anyone would pay. The whole idea sounds like something an accountant would think up."

Jonny Drury

By Jonny Drury

Senior reporter covering Oswestry and Mid Wales.


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